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1. When the multitude of online choices feels overwhelming 2. When you’d rather be outside than online (your leisure time is a non-renewable resource) 3. When you want to tap into expert advice 4. When you value “value” 5. For unbiased information and choices

When we arrived to Maya Beach, about 10-ish kilometres from the town of Placenia, we passed through Seine Bight, a very small village that I’m told is the second Garifuna settlement in Belize. Amongst the roadside signs was one that caught my attention. LOLA’S ART.

Several years ago, I cruised to Alaska on a work gig. At Skagway I elected to go hiking, during my day in port. Along the trail to Laughton Glacier, is where I met Heather Lende and her hiking companions. During the course of the day,